An EPM Solution Using Oracle Hyperion ToolsToday’s business environments are typically made up of a variety of operational systems. These systems hold the data necessary for planning, business assessment, and any necessary midcourse corrections. It is difficult to uncover the one tool in the array of tools that actually delivers on the promises and guaranteed results. As an alternative, organizations are now turning to EPM solutions, which offer a comprehensive approach to gathering and managing data, ensuring that information consumers are receiving and reporting on the same information and it all matches regardless of the tool used to access the data.

The move to EPM as a solution for maintaining data used for reporting and analysis has transformed corporate information from stagnant to dynamic, which means planning cycles now require constant vigilance and flexibility for corrections as dictated by the changing market climate. To stay current and competitive, not only are organizations implementing EPM solutions, they are also always looking for improved and
enhanced EPM solutions.

This brief will look specifically at financial monitoring. It will lay out a proven EPM solution and demonstrate how it, combined with the included Hyperion tools, can extend measurements to personnel management, warehousing, manufacturing, and other areas of the business, resulting in better analysis and more timely decision making throughout an organization.

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