Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks

Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management (DRM) is a hierarchy management tool. It pulls together all the data from disparate sources, allowing you to apply one set of rules and processes so that you are working with a complete, accurate, and consistent set of data. Oracle DRM is how enterprises manage operational and analytical master data. To be more precise, it helps you manage master data and metadata as well as data quality and integrity.

Oracle DRM is an open, transparent centralized data repository that has integrity enforced by business rules and validations. DRM provides the master records for all the information you need to hold. It can push the consistent set of master data out to different Oracle EPM systems like Hyperion Planning, HFM, FDR, and Essbase, or it can function like a traffic cop and collect data from the systems and roll it into one.

DRM provides organizations with the ability to manage complex relationships between master data elements, business rules, and peripheral systems’ requirements, ensuring information accuracy across enterprise systems. This white paper discusses how organizations can manage these complex relationships, providing insight for companies evaluating DRM for new implementations and/or with established systems.

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