Oracle Hyperion Workforce Planning is advertised as an out-of-the-box solution to integrate with other plan types in the Hyperion Planning architecture. The expectation is that the application is plug-and-play: You initialize it, add employee records, and you’re ready to roll. The reality is that the application has some deficiencies that extend beyond the usual 80/20 rule — i.e., you start with the framework already at 80% and expect the rest to be a matter of customizing the application to suit the company’s business model. In this session, you will review Workforce Planning, hear about the product weaknesses and gotchas, and discuss detailed workarounds and other enhancements that will leave you with a clear understanding of how to have a better out-of-the-box experience with Workforce Planning. Whether you’re considering implementing Workforce Planning, or you’re trying to get it to deliver what’s promised, this session will show you how to work within the Workforce Planning framework to enhance the application so you can have a better end result.

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