transform.jpgMajor cloud benefits include lower cost (startup and ongoing), faster availability, and immediate access to the best new features. Freeing the project from the cost in time and money of the infrastructure allows you to accelerate your focus on the higher value deliverables so that you can achieve the higher ROI deliverables faster. So how do you take advantage of these new opportunities?

Ron Moore and Ludovic De Paz, TopDown Consulting Solutions Architects, discuss how readiness and a sound cloud strategy, positions you to fully utilize all that the cloud has to offer. This webcast will explore how Oracle PBCS can help you transform your Planning and Budgeting process, making it more powerful and easier to use, faster and at lower cost. They will also discuss the role of accelerators in helping to deliver higher quality capabilities faster. Finally, they will outline how to prepare for what’s coming in the cloud so that you can incorporate it into your overall strategy. This session will include real world examples.

Recorded on: Wed, March 22, 2016

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